torsdag 28 juni 2012

Kpop gif challange 2 person ver.

Person 1: (Rima) Use every 5th gif
Person 2: (Shin) Use every 3th gif (counting from last one you used)
Together: Use every 4th gif

First time you meet:
Person 1s first expression of person 2:
Person 2s first expression of person 1:
Your relationship right now:
What you do when you’re  together:
You 2 in school:
You 2 when your party hard:
What person 1 actually thinks of person 2:
What person 2 actually thinks of person 1:
If person 2 moved overseas person 1 gonna feels like this:
If person 1 takes person 2s boyfriend/girlfriend person 2 gonna feels like this:
If you started to like the same person you:
If person 1 said ‘’I love you’’ to person 2 would react like this:
If person 2 said ‘’I love you’’ to person 1 would react like this:
Person 1 when person 2 gets married:
Person 2 when person 1 gets married:
You 2 in 10 years: 
//Rima & Shin

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Rima Shin
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